Peppe's Pond


This is, as always, work in progress. However, things are in a flux, so please don't link to any pages just yet. I'll remove this warning when I have settled for a proper structure.

So, who is this guy?

To cut a long story short, I am a Dane currently feeling at home in the Netherlands where I make a living as a Un*x system administrator in a very international setting - and love it.

Having fairly recently filled a nice apartment with all my stuff from home, I spend too much time at home listening to LPs, cooking, tending to my OpenBSD farm and helping out with all sorts of vi and vim problems. I really should get back to the concert halls, cinemas, backgammon circuits and other nice places out there more often.

Before you ask - yes, Peppe is a nick. My given name is Preben Guldberg. I am known by both, respond to both and even sign by both.



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