It's Vim Time...

Seeing that I help out in comp.editors and on the vim mailing lists (see :help maillist in vim), I occasionally write up various bits that I'd rather post a link to than send to the newsgroup or mailing list.

I have only recently started using and uploading scripts at For now, you can also go to my vim repository and see what you can find.

Current projects

Prompted by zzapper on comp.editors, I started writing a plugin to enhance <C-A> and <C-X> in vim. So far it does a good job of emulating vims behaviour. It allows for user defined functions to take it even further. Examples to increment or decrement months and week days is included. When done writing the docs for it, I'll roll a plugin. And - done! There is the script, some documentation and a complete tar ball (plus a zip file).



Rolled ctrlax.vim into a plugin.
Nearly done with a script to enhance <C-A> and <C-X> in vim.